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Hello, I'm Frida, 23 years old and live in Sweden. I'm an artist who are currently studying game design and graphics at Gotland University.

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you’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad.

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The one about the dudes penis being stuck is like a poem


this post is terrifyingly funny when your high.


Holy shit I am dying from laughter

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"All these widows and orphans but what do you call someone who lost a child? You’d think someone would have given that a name”.

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Sterek AU

Stiles gets into a bad car accident and slips into a vegetative coma. Knowing that after watching his mother waste away to nothing, Stiles would never want to be left like this and they’re going to pull the plug.

Fearing no other choice, Derek uses his Alpha spark to save him. He knew there would be consequences, but Stiles is human. 

Not so much anymore.

They’re connected now, by this bond that not even Deaton can fully explain, two sparks merging into one, and something new. 

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Ki Hong Lee and Dylan O’Brien behind the scenes of The Maze Runner

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Anonymous asked: Do you know why there is such a long time between seasons of teen wolf, cause it doesn't start back up again til summer of 2015...right?





could be a myriad of things tbh

  • no dylan, no show, they have to wait for him
  • whoever has left from the “main” cast has confused and distressed jeff SO MUCH he had to spend a whole month writing six new hetero relationships IT TAKES TIME OKAY, HE HAS TO WRITE SEVERAL KEY MAKE OUT SCENES
  • nobody really wants to come back, and they’re all trying desperately to do new things that make them too busy to ever return to film teen wolf
  • the continuity and plot holes in the show gave several of the writers break downs, and they left. jeff’s okay with them leaving, but he couldn’t remember all of his actual characters names like, which ones are on the show still?? which ones haven’t i killed? haha A BOY AND A GIRL NEED TO MAKE OUT. that is all i know. god i’m great. and writing such amazing underdeveloped crapshack het relationships mixed in with lack of screentime for characters that were given a shit about PLUS SEVEN VILLAINS WITH UN NECESSARILY LONG SCENE is taking him a while. 
  • the writers just don’t know what to do with Lydia, but they need her for actual viewers, and so they’re scratching their heads over JUST WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR REMAINING FEMALE LEAD. because obviously there’s so little to do with a genius brilliant sophisticated damaged grieving amazeballs 17 year old girl. nobody relates to Lydia at all. now, if there was some way they could have Parrish in EVERY SCENE WITH HER. 
  • they have to plan out the shirtless moments for each episode, and then work the rest of the episode around them, and that’s one hell of a head scratcher.
  • so many of the fans they relied on for word of mouth, free advertising, internet chatter and the like are done, and because of the awkward radio silence they need longer to drum up interest with the v special ~needed audience
  • who are all still watching awkward and faking it, despite there being bisexual and gay characters with screen time in both. DUN DUN DUN. 
  • jeff needs 8 months to plan a riveting befuddling mess of a season five with less than half his original cast and a bunch of newcomers the viewers didn’t take to like he so expected them to
  • there are some writers on the show that actually write half decent episodes and plan out GOOD storylines, but then Jeff has to take them, check them, draw gigantic red pen all over them and change them so they make one thousand per cent less sense. 
  • idk, he writes for himself, ask him on the tw tumblr i’m sure he’ll get back to you with a clear, concise, honest answer that doesn’t include hot button words like shirtlessness, romance or MORE SHIRTLESSNESS.


this is the greatest thing that i have read i am dying

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Shipping is so weird. You’re basically in love with their love and you get all these very real feelings. You blush and you get butterflies when they look at each other or stand next to each other even, and your heart makes all these pangs and skips and does the tango. And when things fall apart it really does feel like your hearts breaking. and it’s just so weird. 

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ghost puns are the BOO diggety 


ghost puns are the BOO diggety 

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Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

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